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The fandom isn't dead

As long as I have my copy of The God Eaters, my fond memories of Metanoia, and how Jesse's writing helped me come to terms with my sexuality, this fandom will live on. Even if I am the only one left holding a torch for it.


Hi all, long time fan and lurker. This might seem out of the blue, as I got a lj account just so I could post this question.

Are there plans to continue Summerlands? Jesse, this is one of my favorite stories ever, it's absolutely fantastic and I'd love to learn where the main and subplots go. There are so many threads and interesting suggestions and I'd love to know there they'd wind up. So far summerlands feels at least half way to maybe 3/4 done. This story is also awesome for the well developed characters, great dialogue, and vivid imagery. I'd love to finish reading Summerlands.

Why was summerlands left on hiatus in the first place? What needs to be done to finish summerlands?
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More Metanoia Fanart

This time, a fanart of Kevin Sobiezki, because potatoe1988 asked for one of him in particular and deserves it for surviving NaNoWriMo. I actually  had some trouble drawing him -- it might be that I haven't been drawing him since I was barely a teenager (Yeah, my adoration of Star is kind of a long-standing thing, okay? And I was totally mature enough to read the comic at that age. Shush. ANYWAY...) but I hope that he came out okay despite this. 

Same deal as before -- you can either see it on deviantart

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Luke really is a small world.

So, a friend recommended God Eaters to me some months ago, and I ate it up in like four days, garishly colored text and all (maybe it just looked bad on my phone where I read it, sorry). Then today I found this comic called Metanoia, with a familiar-ish sounding name but I couldn't remember why. Then I decided to google for fanart for Metanoia, which brought me back to God Eaters, and the realization that they originated in the same brain. Consider me shellshocked.

Anyway this doesn't seem to be a very active community, but they're both such great works of art and love and aught in between that I'd really like to express my adoration in the form of fanart (or maybe fanfiction, though I haven't written any in a really long time), but I'd appreciate ideas for what I should draw/write about. I'd prefer God Eaters to Metanoia, because Kieran is f*in hot (and I love his attitude. I can't help it, I'm drawn to the broken.). But yeah. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

Samuel Larsen.

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I think he's pretty close to my idea of Kieran. <3 The bone structure, those eyes, the lips, the hair... oh my. What do you think? OH, and the freckles, which are hard to see here, but Google for more eye candy.

He's going to be on Glee soon... and he's got an incredible voice. :3 So am I alone, or does anybody else see it?

(hope I formatted the cut right)
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